“In these uncertain times, it is important that we have proven, conservative leaders fighting for us in Topeka. I have spent my career fighting for the health and well-being of my patients, and I will take that same dedication to the State Senate to fight for you.”

Dr. Mark Steffen

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Dr. Steffen on COVID-19

Every life is unique and a gift from God. That is why abortion is wrong and its why every death warrants our concern. The Covid-19 virus is new and as such, we are susceptible. Initial projections predicting 2.2 million deaths in the USA alone were incredibly inaccurate. The campaign to promote isolation was intense, effective, and prolonged.  Was the slowing of the rise in case numbers due to the shutdown?  Likely, yes.

Unfortunately, we are now in a full blown politicization of this virus. Life can and will go on. I will go on without fear. I will continue to practice basic hygiene measures to mitigate my risk. I will recommend that those at known high risk limit their public exposure. And, I will unwaveringly support our Constitutional rights and refute any step toward government overreach and socialism.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Resource Center for COVID-19.

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